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Benefits of Home Automation

Home Automation
      Keep all your audio and video equipment in one location out of site
      Control any device like Sky HD, DVD, Radio, Media servers, CCTV from any room
      Huge range of control options including multi-remotes, iPad, iPhone, tabletop touch panels or in-wall touch panels
      Create energy efficient home with lighting and heating control & integration
      Control and access your home from any PC or MAC delivering a huge range of useful information
      Complete home security with CCTV and integrated control
      Store CD and DVDís on one central media server and access them from any room
      Turn your iPad or iPhone into a full remote control for your home
      Access and control your home while away, remotely monitor your homes status like temperature
      CCTV images or set up your favourite album for when you get home
      Integrate a full home cinema room for the ultimate in home entertainment and the big screen
Movies, music, TV, PC, at the Home Automation Company we understand what makes up the perfect multi-room system for your lifestyle and home. Our cutting edge technology is combined to create a system that makes your life easier. Centralized multi-room AV means no more black boxes in every room, with a home automation system itís possible to keep all you entertainment equipment stored in one location, bit accessible to everyone anywhere in the home
Comfort & Convenience
Expanding on entertainment, a home automation system can offer full access and control of your homes lighting, heating and blind/curtain in one automated system that needs little interaction. Lights and curtains can operate on preset scenes and settings based on ambient light levels, lighting can be integrated into security systems and control can be achieved from on-wall touch panels, multi touch remotes or iPhone and iPad devices. All with a user designed interface that makes it simple for the whole family to use.